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Bemos Automation is focussed on Cable sector solutions, which is one of the most important industrial sectors. With its young and experienced technical team consisting of engineers, technicians and technicians, it has achieved successful projects by adapting its experience in the sector to the developing technology. Our company has carried out successful projects in many regions of the world, including Turkey. Together with our experienced and expert staff, we integrate our systems into the age of technology, which is developing and updated day by day.

As the demand for industrial automation solutions continues to grow, Bemos Automation and Machinery has positioned itself as the leading provider of such solutions. The company has set itself the goal of focusing on two main sectors, Iron-Steel and Cable industry, in order to provide special solutions for the needs of each sector. We have adapted our R&D studies, which we combine with our automation know-how, to the current technologies required by the Industry 5.0 era. Especially with the special software and design studies we have done in our own structure, it has created a difference and innovation in many Cable and Iron-Steel production facilities. We determine the needs in the sectors we serve and offer our customers the solutions we design according to these needs.

We have prepared PLC and SCADA based Industrial Automation, XAP/ERP Integration, Production and process tracking software and reporting infrastructures, Web and Mobile applications for all machines used from the initial process of Bemos Automation Cable production to the final process. Apart from software services, in our electrical panel manufacturing workshop; We also manufacture and field install ADP, MCC, Compensation, PLC, RIO, RTU panels.

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Bemos Machinery started its operations in Turkey in 2008 with its administrative, engineering and technical staff who have many years of experience in all areas of the cable industry....